The Plague of the Gym

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It takes up a massive amount of space and costs thousands of dollars. It looks inviting and most newcomers fall victim, wondering why they are not seeing continuous results after a few weeks of dedication and consistency. This plague can be seen in most commercial gyms. The plague goes by many names: Pec Deck, Seated […]

Being Too Powerful

Being Too Powerful

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Yes, you can be too powerful. Just watch this video, skip to 1:25 As you can see, this car had so much power that it’s frame could not handle it. Now I want you to imagine that car is the human body. The engines are the larger muscles (quads, hamstrings, glutes, pectoral, lats) and the […]

Tools of an Athlete

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Here are the tools that every athlete has in their toolbox and their basic definition AGILITY – The ability to quickly change body position or direction ACCELERATION – The amount of speed produced in a certain amount of time BALANCE – The ability to stay in control of body movement ENDURANCE – The ability to exercise continuously for a […]