Certified Athletic Trainer and Sports Performance Coach

Fitness Trainer

Antoine Davis

Antoine Davis is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Coach with a B.S. in Human Nutrition & Exercise from Virginia Tech where he studied under the former President of American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Janet W. Rankin. He has trained a wide variety of clients from veterinary surgeons to collegiate athletes, including 2016 Summer Olympics athletes.

Outside of coaching, Antoine is a professional athlete for San Francisco’s three-time world champion team Revolver and San Francisco’s Flamethrowers, competing in Ultimate Frisbee games and tournaments across the United States and the world. He enjoys reading non-fiction books, meditation and traveling the world during the off-season! 

Antoine works in the Bay Area as a Sports Performance Coach. After leaving Stanford Athletics for 2 years, he continues to train all types of athletes / clients! (Ultimate, soccer, runners, cyclists, swimmers, dancers and more!) He holds his in-person sessions at Fitness Urbano in SF but trains people all across the world via his online services. Antoine has successfully helped clients with fat loss, muscle building, sports performance, rehabilitation from injuries and functional fitness goals.

Antoine's training philosophy is "With persistence and patience, any goal can be achieved."

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Revolver Ultimate

Revolver is a historic men's ultimate team playing out of San Francisco winning multiple Nationals and Worlds titles.

2017 - Current |  Player, Strength & Conditioning Coach
2016  |  Practice Player

Revolver Ultimate Logo

San Francisco Flamethrowers

The Flamethrowers are the professional ultimate team in San Francisco in the American Ultimate Disc League.

2017 - 2018 |  Player, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ambiguous Grey

Ambiguous Grey is the premier mixed ultimate team playing out of DC.

2014 - 2016  |  Player, Strength and Conditioning Coach

AG Bear Badge

DC Current

Current are the DC professional team for Major League Ultimate.

2015 - 2016  |  Player

DC Current Logo

Virginia Tech Burn

Virginia Tech Burn is the men's ultimate team, with an upcoming program.

2011-2016  |  Captain, Strength Coach, & Player

Virginia Tech Burn Ultimate

DC Breeze

DC Breeze are the professional ultimate team in DC in the American Ultimate Disc League.

2014*  |  Player

DC Breeze

San Jose Spiders

The Spiders are the professional ultimate team in San Jose in the American Ultimate Disc League.

2019  | Player, Strength & Conditioning Coach


"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

- Norman Schwarzkopf